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Turkeys Logo 2020.png

“Invasion of the Welsh! Bridgend based, self-proclaimed Ska-Punk, Rock ‘n’ Rollers...EVIL TURKEYS This 6 piece outfit are guaranteed to make you dance, sweat and make your underwear wet (seeing is believing!). Their riotous live shows have become a thing of legend. With a wicked blend of high energy original tracks and super vamped up covers; these guys have been kickin’ a fat, punked up DM boot in the South Wales circuit for years. They’ve done their time...”

A typical Turkeys gig has bass lines pumping heart beats past breaking point. Keys that testify and electrify. Drums that shake the very roots of any venue. Lead guitar played with raw precision and extreme violence! With razor blade rhythms twinned with clean cut harmonies. All fronted by the new king of rock ‘n’ roll. Combining tongue-twisting lyrics with thunderous sax riffs! This gang don’t f*** about! So what you gonna do... When the Turkeys come for you?

To book the Evil Turkeys for your event email:

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